Reading and Relationship

“Reading and Relationship” is our plan to start a ripple effect to reverse the tide of the literacy crisis. We want to see every child that is reading below grade level connected to personal reading relationships. The very first and enduring relationship must be the child’s parents. Child literacy must be about family literacy. And family literacy must be about community literacy as we coordinate community stakeholders to come alongside and support the family.

Parents, teachers, neighbors, volunteers, professionals before work, high school students after school, churches, businesses, and libraries — all must come together to read with the child. From cafeteria tables in the morning, school desks during the day, library desks in the afternoon, to the dinner table in the evening, the child will be surrounded by opportunities to read and learn. Through a series of supportive relationships, the child reads daily, on weekends and during vacations, and a love of reading can flourish.

Reading exercises the brain and benefits its development
Reading improves concentration
Reading improves thinking and understanding
Reading teaches about the world around
Reading leads to conversations and discovery
Reading improves social skills
Reading improves vocabulary and language skills
Reading develops the imagination
Reading develops empathy
Reading is a way to spend time together
Reading helps school achievement