Literacy across Atlanta together.

Catalyst Coalition is a nonprofit organization that channels the resources of diversity together to take on big challenges. Literacy is our first priority because of our work with diverse and ethnic communities. Third grade literacy rates across Atlanta are below 50% and are on a downward trend, raising alarm bells. The majority of our children are struggling to make the transition from learning to read over to reading to learn. The consequences for the life of the child, their family and community are dire.

Our success markers as an organization will be the benchmark of success in school defined as entering Kindergarten prepared and reading at grade level or beyond.  Our success will also be defined by how we do this, through the employment of a comprehensive model that involves families, generations, communities and partnerships.  Our ultimate measure of success will be whether our simple, scalable, sustainable approach can be taken to any area where immigrants and the underserved struggle with literacy.

Download our vision statement by clicking here