Literacy and Economics

Because of the correlation between literacy levels and economic well-being, an economic and professional development project is a core part of our mission. Currently we are in the early but planned stage of a multiethnic business incubator that assists in the initiation, capacity-building, and growth of immigrant entrepreneurial businesses by connecting them to a network of successful immigrant and immigrant-friendly entrepreneurs for advisory, consultant and mentoring relationships; connecting them to relevant business resources and appropriate wrap-around services; connecting them to mainstream markets and opportunities; and eventually connecting them to other immigrant-entrepreneur start-ups to give back. 

We serve immigrant entrepreneurs so they can take their businesses to the next level, creating a positive impact on local economies and immigrant communities located in metro Atlanta.  More importantly, as immigrant families earn more, they have more time with their families, correlating to greater family literacy.  We are currently helping 9 businesses, their employees and their families. As the network expands, we hope to produce a simpler, more scalable and sustainable model that reaches beyond our locale and the immigrant community.