Achievers to Leaders

Through our comprehensive, intergenerational approach, we engage the second-generation students who have demonstrated success in reading and school to join the cause of reading and relationship.  This is also an opportunity to invest in these students, as many have an achievement orientation but lack leadership growth opportunities. The first, fundamental step toward leadership is to learn to give back and invest outside themselves.  We envision generations practicing the volunteerism that undergirds American greatness. 

We are currently in the discovery phase of building a leadership and professional development program for the second-generation of immigrants as well as underserved students and graduates.  We are:

  • Talking with students and graduates in our current network
  • Reflecting on our previous experience of investing in older students
  • Reading and researching on mentorship and other models of developing students
  • Dialoguing with those who are effectively developing leaders
  • In talks with partnering organizations with a track record of growing leaders